A Sticky Tale About Not Giving Up

St. John Catholic Elementary School - Fenton, MI

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Jeni’s Bubble

“There was nothing that I disliked about this story. It is appropriate for children of all ages. The cartoon-like illustrations are cute and colorful. The story is light-hearted, but it does contain practical advice as well, such as the reminder that nobody masters a skill from the start. It is necessary to practice becoming proficient at anything, but it is also necessary to pace oneself. I give Jeni’s Bubble four out of four stars!”

CiecheesemeisterOnline Book Club Review

“Cutest book! Love it! Great story! Very well written!”

Shauna MeyersAmazon Review

“A Great Story of Perseverance for Young Children! Jeni's Bubble is a fun story about a little girl and her determination to learn to blow a bubble gum bubble. Learning new things takes hard work and perseverance. A great story for young children to learn to keep trying when things get hard.”

DWEAmazon Review

“A fun and cute story. The story features a sweet intergenerational friendship between little Jeni and her Grandma Margaret. Jeni wants to learn how to blow bubbles with her bubblegum, and Grandma Margaret can blow the best bubbles.
Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy this book. There is a laugh-out-loud funny surprise waiting for them.”

The Real CieAmazon Review

“Profound lesson for children and adults. This book is beautifully written and illustrated and the lesson is good for all people. We all need to "keep trying" every day to have a successful life. Enjoyed thoroughly.”

Nancy ErvinAmazon Review

“Great story! Such a cute and inspiring short read for kids! Loved the illustrations and the message of it!”

NickAmazon Review

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